Shaving Tips

Shaving TipsDo you want to get a closer shave? Take a look at your current shaving habits to know what you can do about getting a closer shave. Some people find that the best shaving tips to follow are to start with the razor and move on from there. A razor needs to be sharp in order to help you get a close, precise shave. You can find some of the best shaving supplies from The Art of Shaving. Here are some of their favorite shaving tips to follow if you want to get a great shave.

Sharp Blades

Try using a straight razor blade. You can sharpen this every time you use it, making it easy to get a closer shave. The sharp blades will limit problems related to tugging and pulling of the hairs. The other thing a sharp blade will do is limit the problem with skin irritation. A straight blade gives you that close shave that you need to have a nicer looking face after you shave.

Shaving Cream

Always work up a quality lather to give yourself a nice shave. Shaving cream needs to be warmed when it is applied to the skin as it gives you a closer shave because it exfoliates the skin. Use a shaving brush to work up the shaving cream into a quality lather. The shaving cream you use needs to provide you with a smooth, softer face after using it. One of the important things about using shaving cream is to make sure you are purchasing a quality shave cream. Far too often people buy cheap creams, causing you to have problems with irritation.

Warm the Face

To get a nicer shave you want to warm your skin by shaving during your shower. You can also try shaving after you have showered. The warm water helps to soften the skin and the hairs. This will allow you to have an easier time shaving, and you are less likely to deal with painful tugging when you are cutting the hairs.


One of the important things you want to do is to work on keeping your face moisturized. It is vital to use balm after you are done shaving. Balm is ideal to moisturize the skin so you don’t end up with painful skin irritation. Balm is a great option to moisturize the skin in a way that doesn’t lead to ingrown hairs. Keeping the skin moist will allow you to have softer skin so it looks younger and smoother.

Caring for your skin is ideal if you want to focus on having a quality shaving. Maintaining your facial hair is important to giving you a closer shave, and to prevent you from struggling from dealing with painful ingrown hairs.