Officially overweight, but not quite obese

Okay, with much fear and trepidation, I faced my first appointment with humiliation… and stepped on the scale and busted out my wife’s sewing tape measure… drum roll please…

Weight: 219 lbs.
Waist: 41.5 inches

Holy crap!!! Just to put that in perspective, I’m 6’3” tall. But seriously, whoa! Just as recently as the beginning of the year, I was a “reasonable” 195 lbs. This is a record year for weight gain. Wow. Well, nowhere to go but down (I hope!).


  1. I know, I’m twenty one about 5’4 and weighing in at about 190…I need to find a healthy way to start loosing weight. I’ve tried everything all the diets, all the pills, the starving and cleansing methods, nothing seems to work…I really need some good ideas. I would like in the long run to drop sixty pounds but for right now a good twenty would make me happy…any tips?

  2. Hey I feel ya I was a skiny kid till I broke my wrist and quit playin outside and now since my jr high yrs I have never been under 210 lbs. About 7 months ago I weighed about 285 lbs when I met the love of my life 3 months later she dumped me and over the course of time till now I went from 285 to 245 the first 30 pounds I lost in about a week since my will to eat anything went away I literaly didnt eat any food for a whole 7 days… know what its the best thing I ever did even tho I didnt eat I drank water and tea to keep from being too unhealthy then my appetite came back with a vengance but to my amazment I kept losing weight……I could be wrong but I thing I gave my metabolism a jump start by fasting for a week and when I started eating again I ate smaller meals but more frequently about every two hrs. you should try what I did minus the breakup and see if it works for you


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