Living A Healthy Life

lose 30 poundsLife is long. You want to spend as much of yours as you can, as healthy as possible. When you’re healthy, everything in life is more enjoyable. In recent years, living healthily has become a multi-million dollar industry. Every year, a typical American will spend hundreds–thousands, even–of dollars on expensive newfangled exercise machines, fad diets, and pricy diet pills. For ancient humans, obesity was virtually nonexistent. This wasn’t because they were all using some miracle treadmill, or abstaining from gluten, or popping green tea extract pills. They weren’t obese simply because they moved their bodies frequently, and ate simple, unaltered, ancient foods.

One of these very old foods, which many believe to be the secret to the long life expectancies of many ancient people in Southeast Asia, is the mangosteen fruit. First brought to American markets in a pure juice form by the company Xango, in the form of their flagship product, Xango Juice, it’s believed to have innumerable health benefits. Among them: enhancing the immune system by ridding the body of free radicals, encouraging cardiovascular health, enhancing intestinal function, and supporting the health of your joints, bones, and cartilage.

Mangosteen fruit contains contains an incredibly variety and quantity of xanthones, or antioxidants found naturally in plants. Antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals, an increasingly prevalent kind of toxin that inhibits healthy cell growth and replenishment. People who consume large amounts of antioxidants have been shown to have, in turn, far higher white blood cell counts than those who don’t. More white blood cells means a healthier immune system, means a less chance of contracting sickness and disease.

It also works to encourage heart health. The number one cause of heart disease is obesity. Mangosteen has been proven in clinical trials to make weight loss dramatically easier. When losing weight is easier, you’re more likely to lose it, and more likely then to have a healthy heart.

Mangosteen juice has been thought to slightly alter the pH of the upper digestive tract. This slight modification, (towards a more palatable kind of acidity) is known to encourage the growth of beneficial bacterial colonies (intestinal probiotics) that can aid in the digestion of your food.

Surprisingly, your skeletal system might also benefit from consuming mangosteen. In several clinical studies, mangosteen juice has shown to have positive effects in lessening and slowing the loss of bone density in post-menopausal women.

“Living healthily” is largely contingent on the health of these individual systems and areas of your body. With mangosteen being thought or proven to better so many of them, is could be the key to making you healthy, and keeping you that way, long into old age.