Fashion Tips for Men that Want to Attract Women

gqThere aren’t too many men that are interested in meeting women for fun and romance that don’t have a pretty firm handle on how to go about it. Where to go, who to go with, and how to communicate are things that men work on ceaselessly over time.

But when it comes to appealing to the opposite sex from a fashion and grooming standpoint, it isn’t always as easy to predict what will work.

Here are a few tips that will help you elevate your game:

Chains are Back:

If you are going to accessorize this year, consider adding chains. It isn’t necessary to wear a Mr. T-sized piece of bling or an Olympic Gold Medal replica in order to attract someone, however. Thin chains in a single or double loop configuration around the neck or simple gold chains at the wrist show that you are thinking beyond your basic wardrobe and give your potential mate something else to think about as she sizes you up.

You are in Miami! Or San Diego:

So you work all day in an office and are used to wearing a suit to the bars you hit after work. This year, after work, consider losing the tie and unbuttoning the shirt a few buttons. If you are wearing polos and slacks, think about changing from the polo to a dress shirt and wearing it open-necked without a tie. Long a mainstay of Latin American fashion, it can help you make a simple fashion statement that is tied to the time that you ‘spent’ in exotic climes! It can also allow you to step out and remain fashionable in casual settings without having to change out of your work clothes.

Use a Subtle Aftershave:

One of the first things that women notice when they are close to you is how you smell. In fact, after they check your shoes out, it probably is one of the top criteria that can set the tone for your future that evening. If you read women’s magazines, you can often gather counterintelligence that will show you that a strong aftershave backfires more often that it allows you to connect. Getting and using a subtle offering like The Art of Shaving aftershave for men, will not only ensure that your skin is in top condition, it has also been extensively tested by women to ensure that the scent that you give off will receive a positive reaction. And although the company will not release specific information about the women who were exposed to The Art of Shaving aftershave for men and then asked for their reaction, the rumor is that many of them were very beautiful- always a plus for you.