A common saying among religious people is “on the seventh day he rested.” The Power 90 Extreme (P90X) workout will make you say that same phrase with a new reverence. It is not for the faint of heart or uncommitted – this workout and diet routine will destroy the body and build it back up in a fast and powerful way, but it will require endurance and perseverance to get it done. If you have what it takes it will make your body sculpting dreams come true.

P90X is a ninety day fitness program and nutrition guide that is designed to bypass the typical plateaus of exercise routines by continuously changing the exercises and leaving the muscles “confused.” Most programs emphasize using certain methods like sit ups or weight lifts several times a week for months on end. These are good exercises, but when done repeatedly their results begin to wane. It is just like a diet – the first sets of pounds practically fall off, but those final pesky ones are there to stay unless other and often more extreme methods are employed. The trick is to vary the exercises and keep the body active without overexploiting any particular muscles group. That is one of the secrets of the P90X program.

Another great feature of the P90X system is its attention to diet. Most routines revolve around a certain shake or meal plan that never changes during the work out life span. In the P90X diet there are three phases to match up with the changes going on in the body. The first phase is called the “Fat Shredder.” Like many other routines it is characterized by a focus on high protein foods. These help to tear away fat cells while building up the muscle tissue in the body. Phase two is known as the “Energy Booster.” This phase gets carbs bake into the the diet with a healthy blend of protein to give strength and endurance to the participant. The final phase, the “Endurance Maximizer,” is a mix of complex carbs, reduced fats and lean proteins. This is for the tail end of the workout and provides the final toning of the body.

The workouts themselves are different each day with a focus workout that is repeated every other day during the week. This keeps the body cycling and removes the plateau effect. Week one through three will be characterized by a variety of workouts with an emphasis on the abdominal section. The next sets alternate between the core, chest and limb areas. By the end of the program all the areas have been targeted and the body looks like the sculpted body builder image you were hoping for. The only catch is that it involves a workout every day of the week except for one – the day of rest. Yet, even that day is optioned for a X Stretch if desired. So if you’re ready to have the hardest workout of your life and the results you’ve always wanted it is time to jump in and get extreme.