Insanity Workout

“Are you ready? I said, ‘ARE YOU READY?!’”

Sounds like a drill sergeant in process of training the cadets, but it is more like the feeling you’ll get doing the Insanity Workout – a workout that lives up to its name in full. By the end of the first day if you’re not crying then your not trying. So, ARE YOU READY?

Most workouts focus on certain routines or diets. They come up with ways to really hone in on muscles and toning with the most results possible in the shortest amount of time. One of the biggest examples of this is seen in interval training. A trainer makes the client work out for thirty seconds or so and then has them break for around three to four minutes followed by a repeat in the workout. This goes on as long as possible until the person is exhausted or the time frame ends.

As an alternative and almost contradiction to the common understanding that intervals need to be often and long, the Insanity Workout reverses the time periods for workouts and rests. Yes, that is right. Rather than a short workout with a long rest, this program gives you a long workout with a short rest. The method behind the madness is that it burns hard and fast and keeps those muscles pushing to the extreme. After all, muscles don’t rebuild stronger if they aren’t torn down first. So the Max Interval Training focus on ripping them apart for quicker and stronger rebuilding.

Similar to other programs, like the P90X, with its diet and routines, this program also offers one other incentive – no equipment. Yeah, that is right, no equipment required other than the body you start with. It is a series of movements that focus entirely on what you have available in the confines of your home and in front of your television set. Lunges, pushups, sit ups, crunches, and more will all come into play as you react to the movements on the screen and focus all your energy into staying in motion until those blessed thirty seconds of relief that only come once every three to four minutes.

Another advantage this program has over other ones, including P90X, is that the time period is shortened. We aren’t talking six months, or five or even three (which is the number for P90X), but a mere 60 days. That is staggering no matter who you are. In sixty days this program will take you from pathetically sculpted to dream body and all it requires is you to move fast and hard. Its routines vary during the week to balance out the muscles targeting and avoid the standard plateau of muscle development.

After doing the Insanity Workout, you come away not only with a fabulous body, but a feeling of accomplishment and amazement at your own abilities. Very few people actually invest the time and means to bring their body into this much shape and you’ll be proud to show you are one of them. So, again, ARE YOU READY?