Volumetrics Diet

Summary of Volumetrics Diet

Volumetrics helps dieters drop pounds—and keep them off. It scored well in both the short- and long-term weight loss categories, comparable to or better than many other diets. Because it focuses on satiety, or the satisfied feeling that you’ve had enough, it’s more likely than other diets are to succeed.



Volumetrics Diet Resembles:

Mayo Clinic Diet, Jenny Craig, Ornish Diet

The Goal of Volumetrics:

Weight loss.

The Claim of Volumetrics Diet:

You’ll drop a pound or two a week.

The Theory of Volumetrics:

People tend to eat the same weight, or amount, of food each day, regardless of how many calories they take in. Since some foods are less energy dense than others—that is, they have fewer calories per gram—filling your plate with more of those means you’ll be eating fewer calories without actually eating less food. Low-density foods, which are low in calories but high-volume, help you feel full and satisfied while dropping pounds. Fruits and veggies are ideal, since they’ll fill you up without breaking your calorie bank. (A pound of low-density carrots, for example, contains as many calories as an ounce of high-density peanuts.) Volumetrics is all about getting more mileage out of what you eat.

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