Green Tea Diet

Another rising star in the health and fitness world is Green Tea. This simple tea has been drunk for millennia by millions of oriental people for its health benefits. Said to promote longevity and reduce heart disease, Green Tea has been a staple in the Asian cultures. Now, science has uncovered more about the simple drink that makes it a powerhouse for another health issue – weight loss.

Tens of millions of people in the United States alone are suffering from the affects of obesity. Since the numbers began to be seriously monitored in the middle of the 1980’s, the trend of obesity in America has taken a drastic climb to epidemic proportions. While the number of people severely overweight is staggering, the effects of the obesity are even more so. Heart attacks, diabetes, stroke, asthma, and a lot more are all symptoms that stem from the excess weight of the American culture.

Popular television has picked up the trend with a slew of “fat people” shows with everything from them being comedic center pieces to reality television shows watching their struggle to survive. There are shows about dramatic surgeries that leave deep emotional and physical scars. There are shows about extremely obese people fighting to live through intense work out and diet shows. But these are far out examples that don’t actually impact much of the overweight population.

So the question becomes how to treat the issue for real life people who aren’t on television. The answer goes back to the item mentioned previously – Green Tea. While it was drunk for thousands of years for other reasons, Green Tea also contains polyphenols and caffeine – both of which are associated with weight loss.

Polyphenols are the bitter compounds found in tea plants. These little molecule chains are shown to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. In combination with these is the caffeine found in the plant that stimulates energy and fat cell decomposition. Together these two effectively enable the body to fight of obesity, but there is more. In the tea is also a compound found to increase metabolism by four percent without increasing the heart rate. Increased metabolism in conjunction with fat cell break down and the removal of harmful cholesterol equals success.

Although originally only available for consumption as a tea, Green tea products are now made in a variety of forms. Obviously the option to just have a cup of Green tea each day is still there, but now there are more ways to get the power of Green Tea in the body than ever before. There are pills and concentrates and beverages all for the taking. Pills are easily digestible and provide healing without the taste of the tea. Concentrates and beverages made from them are higher doses of the product in a single shot. Some even claim to have the power of fifty cups of Green tea in one serving. Whatever option is picked, the power of Green Tea will be there for the customer.

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