Creative Ways To Lose Weight With A Treadmill

Usually the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about treadmills is that they are really boring. Many people prefer to run outdoors and get a change of scenery and fresh air instead of running inside in the same place. But running on a treadmill doesn’t have to be that way.

This video is a great example of how you can use a treadmill for more than just running in place. If you did this kind of workout every day then losing 30 pounds wouldn’t take more than a few months.

But extreme treadmill workouts are not the only way to enjoy using your treadmill. Many manufacturers now offer incline trainers which are treadmills that can incline up to 40% and even have the ability to decline as well. If you were to look at just a lineup of regular treadmills you would notice they typically only incline up to 12%. If you want a great workout on a treadmill, just upgrade to an incline trainer and kick up the incline to the maximum. You only need to walk 2-3 mph and you will get a really great workout.

Another thing you could try is to run on your treadmill backwards. It might be better to avoid running initially and instead try walking backwards to get your balance. Once you have the hang of it, try increasing the speed. YOu will feel your legs using new muscles you hadn’t used before from running the traditional way.

One thing that really helps to lose weight is competition. Humans love to compete. It’s in our nature. Today there are numerous products that will track your fitness goals such as distance run, calories burned and all that kind of thing. Some treadmills come with these features built in. iFit is one such feature. Many treadmills have it. You can get one with this feature and compete with other runners or just yourself and your own goals. Adding competition to your workouts will help you push harder and you will enjoy exercising more.

Of course, treadmill workouts in and of themselves won’t help you lose weight. Losing weight is a lifestyle choice, not a 30 minute workout. Along with your new treadmill workouts, try a new diet like Weight Watchers or HCG.

There is one more thing to keep in mind when it comes to treadmills. Be sure to read expert treadmill reviews before you buy. There are some machines you really just need to avoid. So do your research before you make your purchase, and that includes looking for coupons. They are out there, so don’t buy a treadmill at full price.

So whether you have a treadmill already or need a new one, you now know how you can use a treadmill to lose weight by doing more than just running in place.