A Trick to Eating Healthy While on Vacation

vacationThree weeks after I announced my new diet plan to my husband, our family embarked on a vacation to Eugene. I was excited to finally go on a trip, yet I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind. Would I be able to maintain a healthy diet while on vacation? Would I be stuck eating greasy food during the entire vacation and end up coming home heavier than when I left?

During the week leading up to the vacation, I was on my best eating behavior. I was preparing meals full of fresh and healthy ingredients for me and my family.

Spending time with my husband and three boys during our vacation to Eugene is a memory I will treasure forever! Both my husband and I have challenging jobs. The average work week for us is usually quite grueling. In addition, my boys are involved in a number of sports and extra-curricular activities. This means that any time we can have together as a family is considered precious. In particular, the ability to sit down and enjoy a meal together as a family is considered a very special occasion. I knew that during our week-long vacation we would be able to enjoy every meal as a family. As happy as this made me feel, it also created a bit of anxiety in my mind. I knew that the odds were that most of those meals would be unhealthy. Eating out at restaurants for a full week during vacation meant that we would be at the mercy of take-out menus and fast food drive-thru windows for every piece of food that went into our mouths. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of the bonding time because I would be worried about calories. I feared that all the progress I had made in healthy eating in the weeks leading up to our vacation would be destroyed.

I spoke with my neighbor a few days before leaving for Eugene. Tricia is the type of woman who has the figure of a twenty year old; even though I have never seen her restrict herself or go on a diet. I told her about my diet and mentioned my concern about losing control of my eating habits during my vacation. It turns out Tricia had a little trick for eating healthy while on vacation. She told me not to worry so much about calories or portions. She suggested I focus on natural ingredients rather than restricting myself from enjoying food. One of Tricia’s favorite options for dining out while on vacation is to frequent Mexican restaurants. According to Tricia, Mexican menus often feature natural ingredients like tomatoes, avocado, and beans. All of these things are high in fiber and low in calories.

Before leaving for my trip, I did some research on the internet to find a popular Mexican restaurant Eugene residents recommended. My family and I visited the restaurant several times during our stay in Eugene and enjoyed a delicious meal every time. It was fabulous to be able to enjoy eating meals with my family without guilt and anxiety looming over my head.

Gain Your Self Confidence Back

cosmetic_surgerySelf-confidence is dependent on a lot of things, all of them specific to an individual.
Perhaps it’s a talent, athleticism, or intelligence. Maybe it’s having money in the bank, or just the right outfit, or even a certain car.

Perhaps it’s appearance.
We know that, like it or not, our appearance is viewed first, before anyone notices our talent, our money, or even our car. Some of us don’t like the way we appear. Our self-confidence is diminished because of the way we look.

A cosmetic surgeon toledo can offer a great deal towards changing someone’s appearance, even very subtly, to the positive. A few steps in the direction of cosmetic surgery can assist a person to regain faltering self-confidence.

Here are the 5 most popular cosmetic surgeries and what to expect from them.

1. Face lift
Our facial skin begins to sag and wrinkle as we age, often making us look a great deal older than we feel. Sometimes it seems most of our face has fallen below the chin. During a face lift a surgeon will make incisions behind the ears and in the hairline. The skin is lifted and muscles below it are tightened. Then, skin is re-draped and tightened to achieve the look required.

2. Eyelid surgery.
This procedure is performed to eliminate bags under the eyes, excess wrinkles, or even eyelids that droop. Incisions are made in areas that can be well-hidden, such as the lash line. The surgery gives the eye a brighter, open, youthful look.

3. Liposuction
Liposuction works to change those stubborn areas that just won’t reduce, no matter how many crunches or leg lifts we do. These tiresome fat deposits respond very well to liposuction, giving a once unsightly area a smooth, tight look after initial swelling recedes.

4. Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation is done for many reasons, the most common being a desire for firm lift after a pregnancy or weight-loss program. A surgeon determines whether to use silicone or saline implants, depending on body type and augmentation desired.
Sometimes a person wishes a breast reduction, or breast reconstruction after an accident or illness. A very natural new appearance can now be achieved.

5. Rhinoplasty, or nose job.
Noses are usually reconfigured on an outpatient basis. This means that local or general anesthesia will be administered, depending on what is to be done. During the operation, a surgeon makes cuts within the nostrils. Sometimes cuts are made at the base of the nose. Then the cartilage and bone of the nose are reshaped. Patients go home the day of surgery, but must wear a nose splint for the first week. The new profile becomes evident when swelling disappears.

Self-confidence depends on many factors. A great appearance can grant that extra boost!

Capsicum and Why It ROCKS!

Capsicum is the name of the genus of tropical pepper crops that will develop in a multitude of sizes and shapes. The term “capsicum” also describes the fruit created by these crops, particularly the dried fruits or peppers that are commonly used in cooking or as medical supplements and treatments. Although various types have varying amounts of warmth, the existence of capsaicin in these crops makes them very warm for the flavor.

Culinary Uses

Fruit of capsicum plants could be used raw or cooked, based on the dish in that they’re used and the tastes of the prepare. It’s generally employed as a flavoring, instead of as the main ingredient, and diced bell peppers are a part of the “trinity” of Cajun cuisine when mixed with onions and celery. As a flavoring the fruit can be ground and dried into a powder to be used. Based on the kind of capsicum used, this could supply quite a bit of warmth to a dish.

In the tropics, capsicum fruit or peppers also when portion of the dish serve as foods preservatives. When chopping or planning these several chefs and peppers use gloves when handling exposure to be avoided by them to skin or eyes care ought to be exercised. The oils from diced peppers can stay on the man’s skin despite several washings, which can make inadvertent eye-contact a genuine risk.

Typical types include cayenne peppers, red peppers, and jalapenos, common Kinds While there are a variety of capsicum plants.

Although they’ve been exported around the world, these plants are frequently seen in South and North America. It got its name in the Greek, ‘to bite,’ a mention of the warm pungent properties of the fruits and seeds. There though Capsicum annuum is one of the most typical, are many various species.

Health-related Advantages and Utilizes

The fruits include 0.1 – 1.5% capsaicin, a material which stimulates the blood supply and alters temperature regulation. Employed topically, capsaicin makes a great local anesthetic and desensitizes nerve endings. This can be the origin of the new taste these peppers are mentioned for. Particular kinds of pepper spray use this capsaicin as a non-lethal type of self-defense that may be sprayed at an attacker’s mouth and eyes. Pepper seeds contain capsicidins, which might function as an antibiotic.

They’re also frequently considered great for digestive, sinus, and abdomen problems. The dried fruit has no narcotic effect, but may be used as a strong local stimulant by dilating arteries and alleviating chronic congestion. Because of its high vitamin C content, capsicum can also help foster an eater’s immune system.

Happy Holiday Dieting

You don’t need to cut out all of those tasty holiday treats to stay fit. In fact, you can give in to quite a few of those holiday hankerings!

Locate a Doc, a great site in finding the medical care you need, has come out with an info graphic that gives great information on what calories you could be consuming during the season. You don’t have to cheat on your diet, or gain weight during the holidays. Be smart about what you eat and how much of it you consume.

Take a look below at what they have to say. You might be surprised!

holiday weight gain, holiday eating, healthy holiday eatingInfographic: Season’s grEATINGS! Holiday Weight Gain and Your Weight Loss Solutions, Courtesy of LocateADoc.com

Creative Ways To Lose Weight With A Treadmill

Usually the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about treadmills is that they are really boring. Many people prefer to run outdoors and get a change of scenery and fresh air instead of running inside in the same place. But running on a treadmill doesn’t have to be that way.

This video is a great example of how you can use a treadmill for more than just running in place. If you did this kind of workout every day then losing 30 pounds wouldn’t take more than a few months.

But extreme treadmill workouts are not the only way to enjoy using your treadmill. Many manufacturers now offer incline trainers which are treadmills that can incline up to 40% and even have the ability to decline as well. If you were to look at just a lineup of regular treadmills you would notice they typically only incline up to 12%. If you want a great workout on a treadmill, just upgrade to an incline trainer and kick up the incline to the maximum. You only need to walk 2-3 mph and you will get a really great workout.

Another thing you could try is to run on your treadmill backwards. It might be better to avoid running initially and instead try walking backwards to get your balance. Once you have the hang of it, try increasing the speed. YOu will feel your legs using new muscles you hadn’t used before from running the traditional way.

One thing that really helps to lose weight is competition. Humans love to compete. It’s in our nature. Today there are numerous products that will track your fitness goals such as distance run, calories burned and all that kind of thing. Some treadmills come with these features built in. iFit is one such feature. Many treadmills have it. You can get one with this feature and compete with other runners or just yourself and your own goals. Adding competition to your workouts will help you push harder and you will enjoy exercising more.

Of course, treadmill workouts in and of themselves won’t help you lose weight. Losing weight is a lifestyle choice, not a 30 minute workout. Along with your new treadmill workouts, try a new diet like Weight Watchers or HCG.

There is one more thing to keep in mind when it comes to treadmills. Be sure to read expert treadmill reviews before you buy. There are some machines you really just need to avoid. So do your research before you make your purchase, and that includes looking for coupons. They are out there, so don’t buy a treadmill at full price.

So whether you have a treadmill already or need a new one, you now know how you can use a treadmill to lose weight by doing more than just running in place.