Learning How To Swim

Learning How To SwimSwimming is a great exercise that works almost every part of the body. Getting fit and trim is easy and enjoyable when swimming is a pool, lake, or even the ocean. Many learn how to swim by taking swim lessons. Many parents place their children in the lessons to help them feel confident and safe in the water.

One issue with learning how to swim can arise if the individual is scared of the water. This is not just a phenomena that plagues children and young adults. This fear of the water can also prevent adults from learning how to swim. There are ways that one can overcome this fear like practicing holding one’s breath and blowing bubbles. This may sound funny to some, but in the individual that is afraid of the water these are huge landmarks towards water independence.

A good first step to conquering the lack of ability to swim is to practice floating. At first the individual can hold on to the edge of the pool and simply allow their feet to float up to the surface of the water. This may take a little effort at first, but once the individual gets the hang of it, they will be free floating in no time.

Second, the individual can put their back against the edge of the pool while holding on to the edge. Then simply lie back and allow the body to relax and float on the water. This is not only good practice for actual swimming, it is an excellent way to let all of the stress and tension flow out of the body. The whole key to swimming is to have fun and relax.

Once the individual becomes a little more confident with their abilities, they can try practicing kicking. In this exercise one will hold on to the side of the pool and float on their stomach. After in the floating position slowly and gently begin to kick the feet while the legs are stretched out behind you. This is one of the core things that the individual will need to know in order to master the many strokes of swimming.

When the individual feels really confident they can turn over and practice kicking while floating on their bask. The key is to take things slowly and practice. Swimming should be about having fun. If the individual wants to learn on their own in their own pool, that is fine. That is an option. One can also choose to take swim lessons to hone skills and refine abilities. No matter what choice the individual takes, they are sure to build self esteem, become leaner and feel better about themselves.

Shaving Tips

Shaving TipsDo you want to get a closer shave? Take a look at your current shaving habits to know what you can do about getting a closer shave. Some people find that the best shaving tips to follow are to start with the razor and move on from there. A razor needs to be sharp in order to help you get a close, precise shave. You can find some of the best shaving supplies from The Art of Shaving. Here are some of their favorite shaving tips to follow if you want to get a great shave.

Sharp Blades

Try using a straight razor blade. You can sharpen this every time you use it, making it easy to get a closer shave. The sharp blades will limit problems related to tugging and pulling of the hairs. The other thing a sharp blade will do is limit the problem with skin irritation. A straight blade gives you that close shave that you need to have a nicer looking face after you shave.

Shaving Cream

Always work up a quality lather to give yourself a nice shave. Shaving cream needs to be warmed when it is applied to the skin as it gives you a closer shave because it exfoliates the skin. Use a shaving brush to work up the shaving cream into a quality lather. The shaving cream you use needs to provide you with a smooth, softer face after using it. One of the important things about using shaving cream is to make sure you are purchasing a quality shave cream. Far too often people buy cheap creams, causing you to have problems with irritation.

Warm the Face

To get a nicer shave you want to warm your skin by shaving during your shower. You can also try shaving after you have showered. The warm water helps to soften the skin and the hairs. This will allow you to have an easier time shaving, and you are less likely to deal with painful tugging when you are cutting the hairs.


One of the important things you want to do is to work on keeping your face moisturized. It is vital to use balm after you are done shaving. Balm is ideal to moisturize the skin so you don’t end up with painful skin irritation. Balm is a great option to moisturize the skin in a way that doesn’t lead to ingrown hairs. Keeping the skin moist will allow you to have softer skin so it looks younger and smoother.

Caring for your skin is ideal if you want to focus on having a quality shaving. Maintaining your facial hair is important to giving you a closer shave, and to prevent you from struggling from dealing with painful ingrown hairs.

Managing pain

Woman with "pain relief" vice on headEven daily activities can become a real hustle when you’ve got chronic pain. Having to live with chronic pain like aching back, arms or legs pain or intimate problems can really change your life for the worse. Even though unfortunately there are no quick fixes when it comes to relieving these kinds of pain completely (research has shown that they are also influenced by economical and social factors) there are many activities and tricks you can begin doing to ease your daily activities.

  • Relaxation relief

Relaxation exercises can have a real positive effect in releasing pain. They calm your mind down, reduce the stress hormones in your blood flow, relax muscles, and provide you with a comfortable feeling that has positive effects on its own. Foursquare breathing, self-talk, hypnosis and mindfulness meditation can really make a change in a man with chronic pain’s life.

  • Reduce alcohol consumption

This is a tip targeted specifically with people who have problems sleeping because of their pain. Alcohol can worsen sleep problems. Reducing alcohol consumption or cutting back on it entirely can really help with sleep problems.

  • Exercise more

The best way to reduce the pain is to get the endorphins your body gets after exercise. Consulting a doctor about which exercises you are allowed to do is a must. Try to avoid the risk of damaging the painful part of your body even more. Additionally Exercising can have another pain relieving effect – it will strengthen your muscles, help prevent re-injury and further pain. Many more benefits from exercise include keeping your weight down, reducing heart disease risk, and controlling blood sugar levels – especially important if you have diabetes. Again, ask your doctor for an exercise routine that is right for you. This is not only related to back pain or arms and legs pain. Even other chronic pains like diabetes etc need exercising routine that is approved by a professional.

  • Visit a clinic

Like stated above there is no shortcut to reducing the pain. With that being said, there are many professional clinics out there that will help you lessen it. California rehabilitation and pain management have really good treatments for most chronic pains; you might want to start there.

  • Meet others with similar problems

When you have chronic pain you’re with people who have the same problem and understand what you’re going through, you wouldn’t feel alone. You also benefit from their knowledge or experiences in coping with the pain.

Also, consider meeting with a mental health professional. Anyone can develop depression if they’re living with chronic pain. Getting counseling can help you learn to cope better and help you avoid negative thoughts that make pain worse – so you have a healthier attitude. Remember: having the courage to ask for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

How To Run Barefoot On A Treadmill

35970938_640Less than twenty years ago, barefoot running was thought of as something partaken in by a cult-like community of hippies and overzealous yoga enthusiasts. But by the end of the ‘90’s, things began taking off. Many of its advocates formed online communities, spread their message, and began developing some of the very first lines of minimalist footwear. Soon, barefoot running quickly edged its way into the mainstream. Today, most everyone serious about running has an opinion on it. A simple google search for “barefoot running” can unearth a litany of how-to articles, pro-barefoot manifestos, and stern proclamations of the imminent injury facing those who engage in it.

What’s interesting about these articles is that they seem only to focus on the effects of running outdoors. Most writing done on the subject completely ignores the fact that a significant percentage of runners exercise on treadmills, often exclusively. Could barefoot running on a treadmill be a viable option? Are there any inherent risks? Most of the debate so far has managed to effectively skirt these concerns.

Advocates of barefoot running note that it’s natural, and it’s how ancient humans ran. Opponents offer up that the terrain on which we run has long since changed from those ancient times. They point out that modern runner faces running on surfaces that are unnaturally unforgiving, and often littered with dangerously sharp debris.

Since treadmills offer significantly more cushion than concrete or gravel, and are almost never littered with shattered glass (hopefully), it seems that there’s reason to believe you can safely run barefoot on one.

As it turns out, it’s actually very possible to safely take barefoot running to the air-conditioned cool of the nearest treadmill. There’s just a small amount of practical advice you should heed beforehand.

Choose incline over speed:

The motion most central to what makes barefoot running supposedly so healthful is a forward-springing motion from the toes and ball of the foot. However, if the treadmill is running too fast, this is made difficult to accomplish. After you strike the treadmill, your foot may have travelled several feet backward by the time you’re ready to spring forward from it. What results is a gait comprised of far too much “strike” and far too little “spring” which can be harmful to your joints and tendons in the long term.

Pick a speed significantly slower than you would if running with shoes on. Then, hike up the incline dramatically. This’ll ensure that your foot strikes higher up and doesn’t slide back too quickly. If done correctly, it will give the feeling of running up a moderate hill. You body should be at a slight forward lean, and the back half of your feet never even making contact with the treadmill.

Beat the heat:

Treadmills have a tendency to get incredibly hot from both friction and the heat of the motor. If you’ve always worn shoes on the treadmill, you many have never noticed this. Running barefoot oftentimes does a lot more than merely make you take notice of the heat; It can be quite painful, and in some cases lead to the formation of actual burns on the soles.

Start by running slightly closer to one corner of the treadmill. When things get hot underfoot, simply shift your stride to another zone of the belt. Repeat as necessary. By the time you’re forced back into your original corner, it should have cool significantly.

Beware of sharp objects:

While a treadmill’s debris-free terrain is one of their most enticing features, there’s still a small possibility of cutting or otherwise tearing up the soles of the feet. The edge of your treadmill’s band can, in rare cases, leave deep papercut-like wounds in your feet if your foot lands half-off the moving band.

Simply be mindful of the treadmill’s edges when you run to avoid this.

Go slow:

You’re simply not going to be able to run as fast barefoot as you can in shoes. Attempting to can lead to quickly overexerting yourself.

Living A Healthy Life

lose 30 poundsLife is long. You want to spend as much of yours as you can, as healthy as possible. When you’re healthy, everything in life is more enjoyable. In recent years, living healthily has become a multi-million dollar industry. Every year, a typical American will spend hundreds–thousands, even–of dollars on expensive newfangled exercise machines, fad diets, and pricy diet pills. For ancient humans, obesity was virtually nonexistent. This wasn’t because they were all using some miracle treadmill, or abstaining from gluten, or popping green tea extract pills. They weren’t obese simply because they moved their bodies frequently, and ate simple, unaltered, ancient foods.

One of these very old foods, which many believe to be the secret to the long life expectancies of many ancient people in Southeast Asia, is the mangosteen fruit. First brought to American markets in a pure juice form by the company Xango, in the form of their flagship product, Xango Juice, it’s believed to have innumerable health benefits. Among them: enhancing the immune system by ridding the body of free radicals, encouraging cardiovascular health, enhancing intestinal function, and supporting the health of your joints, bones, and cartilage.

Mangosteen fruit contains contains an incredibly variety and quantity of xanthones, or antioxidants found naturally in plants. Antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals, an increasingly prevalent kind of toxin that inhibits healthy cell growth and replenishment. People who consume large amounts of antioxidants have been shown to have, in turn, far higher white blood cell counts than those who don’t. More white blood cells means a healthier immune system, means a less chance of contracting sickness and disease.

It also works to encourage heart health. The number one cause of heart disease is obesity. Mangosteen has been proven in clinical trials to make weight loss dramatically easier. When losing weight is easier, you’re more likely to lose it, and more likely then to have a healthy heart.

Mangosteen juice has been thought to slightly alter the pH of the upper digestive tract. This slight modification, (towards a more palatable kind of acidity) is known to encourage the growth of beneficial bacterial colonies (intestinal probiotics) that can aid in the digestion of your food.

Surprisingly, your skeletal system might also benefit from consuming mangosteen. In several clinical studies, mangosteen juice has shown to have positive effects in lessening and slowing the loss of bone density in post-menopausal women.

“Living healthily” is largely contingent on the health of these individual systems and areas of your body. With mangosteen being thought or proven to better so many of them, is could be the key to making you healthy, and keeping you that way, long into old age.

A Trick to Eating Healthy While on Vacation

vacationThree weeks after I announced my new diet plan to my husband, our family embarked on a vacation to Eugene. I was excited to finally go on a trip, yet I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind. Would I be able to maintain a healthy diet while on vacation? Would I be stuck eating greasy food during the entire vacation and end up coming home heavier than when I left?

During the week leading up to the vacation, I was on my best eating behavior. I was preparing meals full of fresh and healthy ingredients for me and my family.

Spending time with my husband and three boys during our vacation to Eugene is a memory I will treasure forever! Both my husband and I have challenging jobs. The average work week for us is usually quite grueling. In addition, my boys are involved in a number of sports and extra-curricular activities. This means that any time we can have together as a family is considered precious. In particular, the ability to sit down and enjoy a meal together as a family is considered a very special occasion. I knew that during our week-long vacation we would be able to enjoy every meal as a family. As happy as this made me feel, it also created a bit of anxiety in my mind. I knew that the odds were that most of those meals would be unhealthy. Eating out at restaurants for a full week during vacation meant that we would be at the mercy of take-out menus and fast food drive-thru windows for every piece of food that went into our mouths. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of the bonding time because I would be worried about calories. I feared that all the progress I had made in healthy eating in the weeks leading up to our vacation would be destroyed.

I spoke with my neighbor a few days before leaving for Eugene. Tricia is the type of woman who has the figure of a twenty year old; even though I have never seen her restrict herself or go on a diet. I told her about my diet and mentioned my concern about losing control of my eating habits during my vacation. It turns out Tricia had a little trick for eating healthy while on vacation. She told me not to worry so much about calories or portions. She suggested I focus on natural ingredients rather than restricting myself from enjoying food. One of Tricia’s favorite options for dining out while on vacation is to frequent Mexican restaurants. According to Tricia, Mexican menus often feature natural ingredients like tomatoes, avocado, and beans. All of these things are high in fiber and low in calories.

Before leaving for my trip, I did some research on the internet to find a popular Mexican restaurant Eugene residents recommended. My family and I visited the restaurant several times during our stay in Eugene and enjoyed a delicious meal every time. It was fabulous to be able to enjoy eating meals with my family without guilt and anxiety looming over my head.

Reducing Back Pain

back_painBack pain can be one of the most difficult areas of the body to deal with when it comes to pain. When the back is injured it can lead to a whole host of difficulties and other ailments in the body. That is because the back supports the entire skeletal frame of the body. When this part of the body is sore, then it can effect many other parts of the body as well. When such an injury is in its peak phase it can lead people to be debilitated from functioning on a normal basis.

The truth is that back pain often resonates and affects a hole slew of other body parts and functions. In fact, back pain can affect posture, the neck, legs, shoulders, hips and feet. Back trauma can also affect the body in many other functions. It can hinder weight loss and disrupt digestion, it can throw off equilibrium as well as concentration. Because these symptoms are so invasive the ramifications of back pain can be complicated and intricate. Often back pain can radiate to other body areas, and can adversely affect many physical activities. This can lead to people having more restricted lives. That is why it is always recommended and important to address any back pain or back injury as soon as it surfaces so that the situation does not expand and worsen.

Once back pain is properly diagnosed, there are tangible ways to decrease back pain and increase back function. However, the most important part of dealing with any back pain and injury is addressing the root problem. This starts with proper diagnosis, so that the treatment ordered is appropriate and effective. Proper diagnosis is a critical part of the healing and treatment process. It should be noted that even with proper diagnosis, not all injuries respond to treatment in the same way. That is why treatments are personalized on a case by case basis. In addition to skeletal issues, the back is a complicated blend of tendons, muscles, pressure points and nerves. This can make proper diagnosis complicated. Part of this is because often one area of trauma and pain to the back can effect other sensitive areas in the region as well as other adjoining spinal areas.

It should be noted that is not advisable to attempt to remedy any back pain or trauma until some basic stabilization has occurred. Often right after an injury to the muscles, tendons, or pressure points of the back occurs, icing is recommended. However, after the initial time period, heat and stimulation is often applied. One quite successful areas of treatment include spinal adjustments that can be quite helpful in stabilizing back pain. These adjustments are performed by license chiropractors and can ease the tension and strain in certain areas of the skeletal spine. The adjustments are a form of realigning the spine to its original position and can offer great relief to patients who are suffering from some spinal ailments. Adjust4Life is a professional chiropractic center that specializes in helping patients who suffer from spinal ailments that hinder their lives.

Fashion Tips for Men that Want to Attract Women

gqThere aren’t too many men that are interested in meeting women for fun and romance that don’t have a pretty firm handle on how to go about it. Where to go, who to go with, and how to communicate are things that men work on ceaselessly over time.

But when it comes to appealing to the opposite sex from a fashion and grooming standpoint, it isn’t always as easy to predict what will work.

Here are a few tips that will help you elevate your game:

Chains are Back:

If you are going to accessorize this year, consider adding chains. It isn’t necessary to wear a Mr. T-sized piece of bling or an Olympic Gold Medal replica in order to attract someone, however. Thin chains in a single or double loop configuration around the neck or simple gold chains at the wrist show that you are thinking beyond your basic wardrobe and give your potential mate something else to think about as she sizes you up.

You are in Miami! Or San Diego:

So you work all day in an office and are used to wearing a suit to the bars you hit after work. This year, after work, consider losing the tie and unbuttoning the shirt a few buttons. If you are wearing polos and slacks, think about changing from the polo to a dress shirt and wearing it open-necked without a tie. Long a mainstay of Latin American fashion, it can help you make a simple fashion statement that is tied to the time that you ‘spent’ in exotic climes! It can also allow you to step out and remain fashionable in casual settings without having to change out of your work clothes.

Use a Subtle Aftershave:

One of the first things that women notice when they are close to you is how you smell. In fact, after they check your shoes out, it probably is one of the top criteria that can set the tone for your future that evening. If you read women’s magazines, you can often gather counterintelligence that will show you that a strong aftershave backfires more often that it allows you to connect. Getting and using a subtle offering like The Art of Shaving aftershave for men, will not only ensure that your skin is in top condition, it has also been extensively tested by women to ensure that the scent that you give off will receive a positive reaction. And although the company will not release specific information about the women who were exposed to The Art of Shaving aftershave for men and then asked for their reaction, the rumor is that many of them were very beautiful- always a plus for you.

Strengthening Your Lower Back

lower back 3Lower back pain is probably the most common, non-specific discomfort within the entire repertoire of human complaints. Possibly the reason dogs don’t complain of lower back pain is because they don’t stand upright. In fact, stress to the lower back can have several triggers, all due to the fact that the human body needs to hold itself parallel to the ground.

Three Common Causes:

Obesity. An enlarged abdomen puts strain on the back. Extra pounds put undue pressure on all muscles and joints.

Strain. Overuse of muscles, ligaments and joints in the back can cause significant discomfort. If lifting is done improperly, the entire load is taken by the lower back and stiffness or pain results.

Osteoarthritis. This often comes from just getting older. If the arthritis begins in the hips or knees, compensation posture from the pain could cause back discomfort as well.

What can be done about it? Do I just have to live with back pain?
Perhaps, to a certain extent. But simple strengthening of the lower back can give great relief. Try this!

1. Do you sit at work? Constant sitting has been know to reduce the lifespan of human beings, as well as causing atrophy of the back muscles. Make it a habit to rise from your desk and move briskly every two hours. You may be surprised at how little you actually move during the day. Find out the facts! Purchase a pedometer and try to log 10,000 steps per day.

2. Chronic back pain often responds to correct physical therapy. The therapist can prescribe specific exercises that will strengthen the back. Make these exercises a part of daily routine, like brushing teeth. In time, the back may improve significantly.

3. Swim 30 minutes, three times per week. Swimming strengthens back muscles, as well as arms and legs.

4. Start a walking routine. At first, there may be more back discomfort, as the body is not accustomed to walking any distance. Don’t overdo, but set reasonable goals and seek to achieve them. If walking is quite uncomfortable, try walking or jogging in water. This has the disadvantage of looking a bit weird, and goals of a certain number of feet will need to be set to achieve results. However, a significant lowering of back pain will compensate for any questioning glances you may endure.

Often, improved physical fitness is the simple answer to many vague discomforts, as well as back pain. Becoming physically fit takes time management, endurance and appetite control. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is a strong back and body. Don’t quit!

Gain Your Self Confidence Back

cosmetic_surgerySelf-confidence is dependent on a lot of things, all of them specific to an individual.
Perhaps it’s a talent, athleticism, or intelligence. Maybe it’s having money in the bank, or just the right outfit, or even a certain car.

Perhaps it’s appearance.
We know that, like it or not, our appearance is viewed first, before anyone notices our talent, our money, or even our car. Some of us don’t like the way we appear. Our self-confidence is diminished because of the way we look.

A cosmetic surgeon toledo can offer a great deal towards changing someone’s appearance, even very subtly, to the positive. A few steps in the direction of cosmetic surgery can assist a person to regain faltering self-confidence.

Here are the 5 most popular cosmetic surgeries and what to expect from them.

1. Face lift
Our facial skin begins to sag and wrinkle as we age, often making us look a great deal older than we feel. Sometimes it seems most of our face has fallen below the chin. During a face lift a surgeon will make incisions behind the ears and in the hairline. The skin is lifted and muscles below it are tightened. Then, skin is re-draped and tightened to achieve the look required.

2. Eyelid surgery.
This procedure is performed to eliminate bags under the eyes, excess wrinkles, or even eyelids that droop. Incisions are made in areas that can be well-hidden, such as the lash line. The surgery gives the eye a brighter, open, youthful look.

3. Liposuction
Liposuction works to change those stubborn areas that just won’t reduce, no matter how many crunches or leg lifts we do. These tiresome fat deposits respond very well to liposuction, giving a once unsightly area a smooth, tight look after initial swelling recedes.

4. Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation is done for many reasons, the most common being a desire for firm lift after a pregnancy or weight-loss program. A surgeon determines whether to use silicone or saline implants, depending on body type and augmentation desired.
Sometimes a person wishes a breast reduction, or breast reconstruction after an accident or illness. A very natural new appearance can now be achieved.

5. Rhinoplasty, or nose job.
Noses are usually reconfigured on an outpatient basis. This means that local or general anesthesia will be administered, depending on what is to be done. During the operation, a surgeon makes cuts within the nostrils. Sometimes cuts are made at the base of the nose. Then the cartilage and bone of the nose are reshaped. Patients go home the day of surgery, but must wear a nose splint for the first week. The new profile becomes evident when swelling disappears.

Self-confidence depends on many factors. A great appearance can grant that extra boost!