A Trick to Eating Healthy While on Vacation

vacationThree weeks after I announced my new diet plan to my husband, our family embarked on a vacation to Eugene. I was excited to finally go on a trip, yet I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind. Would I be able to maintain a healthy diet while on vacation? Would I be stuck eating greasy food during the entire vacation and end up coming home heavier than when I left?

During the week leading up to the vacation, I was on my best eating behavior. I was preparing meals full of fresh and healthy ingredients for me and my family.

Spending time with my husband and three boys during our vacation to Eugene is a memory I will treasure forever! Both my husband and I have challenging jobs. The average work week for us is usually quite grueling. In addition, my boys are involved in a number of sports and extra-curricular activities. This means that any time we can have together as a family is considered precious. In particular, the ability to sit down and enjoy a meal together as a family is considered a very special occasion. I knew that during our week-long vacation we would be able to enjoy every meal as a family. As happy as this made me feel, it also created a bit of anxiety in my mind. I knew that the odds were that most of those meals would be unhealthy. Eating out at restaurants for a full week during vacation meant that we would be at the mercy of take-out menus and fast food drive-thru windows for every piece of food that went into our mouths. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of the bonding time because I would be worried about calories. I feared that all the progress I had made in healthy eating in the weeks leading up to our vacation would be destroyed.

I spoke with my neighbor a few days before leaving for Eugene. Tricia is the type of woman who has the figure of a twenty year old; even though I have never seen her restrict herself or go on a diet. I told her about my diet and mentioned my concern about losing control of my eating habits during my vacation. It turns out Tricia had a little trick for eating healthy while on vacation. She told me not to worry so much about calories or portions. She suggested I focus on natural ingredients rather than restricting myself from enjoying food. One of Tricia’s favorite options for dining out while on vacation is to frequent Mexican restaurants. According to Tricia, Mexican menus often feature natural ingredients like tomatoes, avocado, and beans. All of these things are high in fiber and low in calories.

Before leaving for my trip, I did some research on the internet to find a popular Mexican restaurant Eugene residents recommended. My family and I visited the restaurant several times during our stay in Eugene and enjoyed a delicious meal every time. It was fabulous to be able to enjoy eating meals with my family without guilt and anxiety looming over my head.